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Eclipse International - A Full-Service Brokerage Firm That Revolves Around You

Eclipse International strives to exceed customer expectations by applying a bespoke model to our brokerage services which caters to each client’s distinct requirements and needs.

Our Foundation

Founded on core values of collaboration, integrity, and compliance, Eclipse invariably places the needs and interests of our clients first and each of our brokers is held to the highest professional and ethical standards while adhering to all applicable rules and regulations in their dealings and interactions with customers. Eclipse’s compliance personnel has curated a robust compliance program which governs the activities of our brokers and ensures that all firm operations are properly supervised and that Eclipse employees are kept abreast of all pertinent regulations and exchange rules.

Through the core components of our company culture of collaboration, integrity, and inclusivity, Eclipse strives to create a nurturing atmosphere for our brokers to develop and grow professionally so they can operate at peak level each day. This collegial environment in turn benefits our customers by allowing them to enjoy unmatched and bespoke brokerage services specifically tailored to their individual needs.

Customized Treatment

By offering this more customized treatment, we are able to:

  • Discreetly execute orders while maintaining the highest degree of confidence
  • Provide customers with a wide arrange of analytics, data, and product fundamentals/technicals to guide them in evaluating the market to make informed decisions.
  • Provide focused and nuanced input on trade structures from brokers who previously traded these products themselves and who understand the market dynamics involved with these types of products.
  • Create front and back-end reports that track curves, price movements, correlated trades, market conditions, and real-time events that affect volatility and liquidity in the respective market.
  • Leverage a wide-range of cutting-edge technology to supply real-time color of options and derivatives market trends

Our team of brokers has decades of combined experience in executing orders for a wide array of customers and major institutions across the energy products spectrum, including: WTI, Brent, Heating Oil, Gasoil, RBOB, Natural Gas, Inter/Intra Exchange Products, and all related Options and Derivatives.

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