Culture & Values

Let us show you who we are

One Team One Dream

At Eclipse International, we take a more inclusive approach to global brokerage services by employing a more contemporary business model. Rather than build walls that separate principals from employees, our principals (who are brokers themselves) work alongside employees to build bridges that unite everyone under these common goals:

  • Cultivate an environment where every Eclipse team member is equally important and afforded the same opportunities for growth, development and success.
  • Utilize a combination of historical data, analytics, fundamentals, real-time market color, technical standpoints and a wide array of pricing and trade tracking technology to provide bespoke white glove service catered to the specific needs of each client

While many traditional brokerage firms strive for success in an atmosphere that encourages competition between brokers, Eclipse thrives in an environment that nurtures teamwork and collaboration.

We believe that a brokerage firm can reach greater heights when the team works and strives towards a common goal in unison. When everyone moves in the same direction (and looks out for others on the desk) their hard-work, attentiveness, professionalism, and cooperation amplifies the strength of the desk. In turn, that strong desk provides each broker with the best opportunity to succeed individually.

Who Succeeds at Eclipse?

As a thriving firm, Eclipse is always interested in expanding our team with qualified individuals who share our core values and vision. We want to build our team with brokers who are interested in a career – and not just a job.

Our leadership team supplies our brokers with the tools and resources to develop their expertise, build strong relationships with clients, and achieve success in their professional lives.

Who Do We Want On Our Team?

To provide a high-level of bespoke treatment for our clients and foster core values and vision, we are looking to strengthen our desks with versatile team members in the following categories:

Desk Heads

Experienced professionals with a transferable book, extensive customer relationships, and the business acumen to strategically build out a new product line and lead a team of brokers of their own.

Senior Brokers

Seasoned professionals with an excellent track record of production and transferable book of business/relationships who can seamlessly integrate and carve out a niche on an existing desk.

Junior Brokers

Brokers with limited experience who are interested in new opportunities to fulfill their potential and looking to develop their skills under the tutelage of Eclipse Senior Brokers and Principals with the goal of building a book of business of their own.


College students and recent graduates who are interested in gaining substantial experience with a thriving global brokerage service are encouraged to apply to the Eclipse Summer Internship Program.

Interested in Joining Our Team?

If you are interested in joining our team, adding to our culture and values, and fulfilling your purpose as a successful broker who enjoys their career, we invite you to contact us to speak with our leadership team.