Environmental Strategies

Inititiating Positive & Quantifiable Impacts on the Environment

Environmental Stewardship

As we undergo the transition from non-renewable to renewable energy generation, and business operations become low-carbon, sustainable, and environmentally conscious, we are here to effectuate greater access to price discovery, liquidity, and investment in environmental products and instruments.

Get Started

We are stewards to all participants in our great energy transition. Our esteemed environmental strategies team works in tandem with brokers, traders, developers, financiers, and c-suite decision-makers to effectuate a successful environmental strategy.

First, we have an introductory “brainstorming” session where we learn about you, your company, and its respective needs. Then, we carefully discuss what options are available.

Relationships & Strategic Partnerships

We interact, advise, and broker markets on behalf of all participants across the energy spectrum. With this level of interaction, Eclipse is positioned to showcase and/or highlight select relationships that provide services outside the scope of Eclipse.

In this regard, we foster strategic partnerships with select individuals, companies, and/or groups to showcase and introduce their capabilities to those across our network. By doing so, we invite all to more expansive opportunities.


Meet with our environmental strategies team


Initial meetings will discuss all facets of your energy and environmental goals


Develop and deploy a multifaceted energy strategy in line with environmental goals


Successful and seamless sale or acquisition of environmental commodities

Interested in Learning More and Getting Started?

If you are interested in participating in environmental markets, drafting an environmental strategy, and successfully executing on that strategy, we invite you to contact us to speak with our leadership.